I discuss technical turfgrass topics with turfgrass managers, scientists, greenkeepers, and whoever drops by the ATC office hours. There's a lot of talk about the work done to create playing surfaces for golf, and also about growing grass for sporting surfaces of all sort, and also some talk of lawns.

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MLSN and soil test interpretation on bentgrass and Poa annua with Jackie Guevara

Jackie Guevara did an experiment that compared no P or K fertilizer, those elements as recommended by MLSN, and those elements as recommended by SLAN. The results? MLS...

Golf turf playability with Carl Schimenti: green speed, firmness, smoothness and trueness of roll

Carl is a competitive golfer and a turfgrass researcher. We had a long conversation about the topic of playability of surfaces. What is it, how is it measured, can it ...

No change in soil OM after sand topdressing just once in a year, with Andrew McDaniel

Total organic material by depth (#OM246) measurements have been made at Keya GC for six years. We discussed these results and how the organic matter has remained const...

Leaf nutrient analyses (tissue tests) with Doug Soldat

Doug Soldat joined me to discuss tissue tests for turfgrass, and how we might make use of them (or not) to make decisions about fertilizer.

Chris Tritabaugh's blog, disruption, and playability

Chris Tritabaugh joined me to discuss his recent blog posts about what putting green disruption is, and how he has been working to minimize it through measurement of g...

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